Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Volcanoes Baseball Game and Other News

Hi! Kid Governor here. I got to go to one of the volcanoes game this summer. When I got there, we waited for Secretary of State Dennis Richardson, Mary Beth Herkert, and my teacher Mrs. Moore. Secretary Richardson and I got to throw the first pitch. Throwing the first pitch was a new thing for me because I haven’t gotten to do something like that. I felt very nervous yet excited at the same time. There was fewer people there than I expected when I threw the first pitch. I got to keep the ball that I threw, and after the game, I got Joey Bart to sign the ball! I felt pretty good because I also got to talk with Joey Bart, and my cousin got to talk to him with me. We were very excited for the opportunity to talk with one of the volcanoes players. 

Another surprise had awaited me that my family and I had no clue about. During the 4th inning, I got to announce in the press box with my cousin. At first I had freaked out a little because I was unaware that I would be announcing the 4th inning. My cousin was even invited with me to go and help announce. Having him there made me feel more relaxed because I have known him for a long time. The opportunity was amazing and felt pretty good, but there was one thing that I struggled with—announcing the players' names. It was difficult at times, but when I couldn’t pronounce the names correctly, I got to practice saying them before having to announce them. The guy that helped us was really nice and welcoming. 

Overall, getting the opportunity to throw the first pitch with the Secretary of State and announcing the fourth inning with my cousin was incredible. It was an amazing experience and one I will never forget.

—Dom Peters

P.S. I will be reading my new book on kindness called, "Pippin and the Super Kind Friends Club," at the Salem Public Library on Wednesday, August 1 (tomorrow) at 12:50pm. I would love to see you there! 

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